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Cigarros cortados ao meio

Original Technique explanation

Since 1973, there exists a safe and efficient way to quit smoking. This technique was originally developed by a team of French doctors from the Henri Mondor Hospital in a Paris suburb, after having observed Chinese colleagues treating opium addicted patients with acupunture.

Instead of successive acupuncture needle applications during six weeks, a one time only small painless surgical stitch was set up in a precise area of the inner part of the ear amd kept in place for one month.

As a result inhibiting the unwanted side effects of nicotine withdrawal symptoms (pangs), cravings, reducing them to very acceptable levels. No side effects nor contraindications have been reported.

You can quit smoking

After using this “stitch” for 32 years, more than ten years ago, Marat developed a new technique used since them that acts exacly as the stitch.

It consists in an electrical simulation in particular areas of the ear of the ear with the application of a very discrete, medicine free protection disposable patch-like device, in one or both ear for 2 to 3 weeks.

The thecnique includes an previous interview screening process that analyzes the emotional and behavioral factors in each case involved, to prevent weight gain, insomnia, and usual nicotine abstinence reactions.

Successful results occur in at least 70% of the cases accepted.

Neither nicotine substitutes such as patches, sprays, gums, drops, E-cigarette, or drugs such as; Bupropion (zyban-bup-zetron-wellbutrin), Varenicline (chantix-champix), Nortriptilin (pamelor), Nicvax (vaccine), strong anti-depressant drugs are used.

There is no need, for successive visits for reinforcement as with the traditional acupuncture needles nor laser or infrared techniques. In fact, no additional counseling, therapy, self-help programs, vitamins, teas etc. accompaniment are necessary.

This new procedure is all you need to stop smoking. The procedure´s cost is equivalent to buying 1 ½ packs of cigarettes daily, for two months. If you have any doubts, F. Marat speaks fluent English.

Information can be obtained by calling, in São Paulo Brazil, +55 (11) 97384-1616 on weekdays, from 9 AM to 12 AM, and 1 to 6 PM EST. Details can be obtained on the original home page in Portuguese with Google translator.

Details can be obtained on the original home page in Portuguese:

( using Google tanslator.

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Horário de atendimento: das 09:00 às 12:00 e das 14:00 às 17:30.

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